Facilitate Courageous Conversations

Race. Tolerance. Equality. Social Justice. All of these topics can be difficult to discuss but we can't ignore the importance of these issues we must be brave and have healthy discussions where all voices are heard and perspectives are considered.

Schedule Dr. James-Etta to facilitate your courageous conversation. 

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Soft Skills Training

Critical thinking is a soft skill, but it requires a lot of heavy lifting. And the best way to grow strong in the area of critical thinking is with the right support. Dr. James-Etta presents this complex concept in real and practical ways to reshape the way participants think and prompts them to do the work to stay strong in mind and action.

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Empower Educators

Every educator, no matter the level or subject matter, needs support and empowerment for effective teaching and learning. To build capacity around social justice issues in education, contact Dr. James-Etta and let her empower your staff/faculty for deeper learning and understanding.

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Empower Women

Every woman has a voice.

Every woman has a story.

Every woman has power.

Contact Dr. James-Etta and let her share her story on how she overcame obstacles and achieved goals that transformed her pain to power and led her to All That is Good! 

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