A Letter to 4-year old Me

September 28, 2019


Dear 4-year old Me,


Your life is a gift to the world. You are bright. You are brilliant. And your creative/analytical mind will spark positive social change in others. Please do not give up. Always show up for yourself and don’t worry about who does not show up for you. The universe is on your side. Your talent will take time to flourish but you have good roots and good trees produce good fruit. You are planted, not buried. You are firmly planted, which is a blessing because the core of who you are will hold steady when you feel like falling apart. You will lose a lot on your journey, but it is part of a bigger plan to make room for what is pure and true. Trust and know that God is fighting your battles and you won’t need to lift a finger, what’s your is yours.


You are a warrior. You are a survivor and you will overcome a lot…abandonment, abuse, addiction, betrayal, disease, dysfunction, depression, death and divorce are in your rearview. And by the time you turn 48, abundance, peace, prosperity, positivity, clarity, and wisdom will be essential elements for your health and well-being. You will learn to flow and not force. Every no or sign of rejection will be a blessing.


You are stronger than you think. You are wiser than you can understand. And each mistake will be part of the mission to keep you on your path.


It’s okay to feel.

It’s okay to laugh.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to be unique…from your name, to your look, to your thoughts…it’s all okay.

It’s okay to be You.


Always be You.

Always be kind to yourself and others.

Always be true to what you desire and don’t limit your creativity.

God has infinite power and unlimited resources.

God’s work in you can do far more than you dare ask, dream or imagine.


The world is waiting on you.

You go…

You see…

You do…


God loves you and I love you too!



48-year old Me


Dr. James-Etta is Founder & CEO of Dr. James-Etta Consulting, LLC and offers professional development services focused on education and equity. Her consulting work helps to transform the way people think to build capacity around cultural issues using a critical thinking framework. Critical thinking is a soft skill that requires a lot of heavy lifting. And the attitude is the first area to target for this mindset shift. But for a full transformation to take shape, you must have a guide who is highly skilled and innovative. Dr. James-Etta is your guide.

Learn more at www.drjamesetta.com

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