Top 7 of 2017

December 29, 2017



Top 7 of 2017


The end of each year is a great time for reflection.  The culture of reflection can be used to explore issues of assumptions and values within the context of teaching. This practice helps teachers understand potential barriers to instructional design.  The top 7 of 2017 is set up for you to reflect and answer for a more productive, healthy, and harmonious 2018 inside and outside of your classroom.


  1. What are the teaching successes you are most proud of?

  2. What have you done to celebrate the successes?

  3. What important teaching goals didn’t you reach this year? Why?

  4. Considering the professional development opportunities available to you this year, how have you applied what you learned?

  5. What books did you read? What did you do with the information from the reading?

  6. What person have you taken time to mentor/develop/coach?

  7. What obstacles must you overcome so that you can meet your teaching goals for 2018?


Teaching is complex and demanding, especially when one method does NOT fit all. Regular critical reflection helps to identify any barriers to teaching and helps to design new ways to connect with students. A new school year will bring new challenges and new successes. Want to learn about how critical reflection can lead to positive cultural shift within your teaching and learning practices, check out my website


Hats off to an outstanding 2018!


Cheers to tha culture!






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