Dr. James-Etta Consulting, LLC offers professional development services focused on education and equity to transform the way people think and build capacity around cultural awareness issues using a critical thinking framework. Critical thinking is a soft skill that requires a lot of heavy lifting. And the attitude is the first area to target for this mindset shift. But for a full transformation to take shape, you must have a guide who is highly skilled and innovative. Dr. James-Etta is your guide. She is a critical thinker with 17+ years of educational experience in higher education and adult learning. As an educator, she is committed to promoting self-awareness to ensure all who come in contact with her become empowered to gain a deeper understanding of self and remain open-minded to others regardless of background or circumstance. Her leadership has led to the transformation of mindsets, increased cross-cultural awareness, and built leadership capacity around social issues in her team. Dr. James-Etta's approach to address cultural issues in creative ways that inspire all to be strong, be brave, and to do the work.

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This webinar is designed to gain a deeper understanding of the term culture and its implications on teaching and learning. It focuses on self-reflection and its influence to become more culturally self-aware.


Dr. James-Etta is an inspirational and informative speaker who uses her personal experiences and qualitative research to empower audiences to move through any obstacle in order to complete a goal. Dr. James-Etta's speaking has encouraged a wide variety of audiences from graduates to grandparents from Hawaii to Harvard. 


Dr. James-Etta designs a personalized consulting experience to prepare you to lead with purposeful impact as you examine mindset from multiple perspectives. Dr. James-Etta guides organizations to build capacity around cultural issues with equity, attitude, and emotional intelligence. Lead your organization to be a real success. 


Dr. James-Etta is passionate about education and welcomes every opportunity to connect and encourage participants to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. She creates innovative workshops to empower educators,  encourage students, and motivate organizations.  *Educational Leadership Hours available!

Dr. James-Etta was a presenter at the Louisville Urban League's Super Saturday Soft Skills Series. This workshop was a much needed session because it opened my mind to a new awareness of thinking. It is also a valuable tool to use in every area of my life. I would recommend her as a speaker and/or educator. 

Greg Tripure,

Workforce Development Specialist

Louisville Urban League