1.Is culture what black people celebrate in February?

No. Culture is not about race. Culture is not black or white. Culture is not a particular holiday for a specific group of people. Culture is a mindset formed my beliefs, attitudes, ideas, values, etc.

2. What is cultural awareness?

Cultural awareness is the practice of becoming open and aware of individual mindsets, first, then transferring that awareness to others who may appear different, but have similar interests/values. Becoming culturally aware is an intense process. It can not happen overnight, but it can happen, if you remain open to the process of shifting the mindset. Be strong. Be brave. Be willing to do the work.  

3. What is the first stage of culture awareness?

Blissful ignorance is the first stage and the most common stage that most people experience. At this stage, you are not aware of cultural differences between you and another person. Example - see the wording of the first question.

4. Is there a cure for blissful ignorance?

Not necessarily a cure, but with exposure to different people, places, things, the mind can become open to new experiences. 

5. How many stages of cultural awareness are there?

There are four stages. Each stage requires time for reflection and connection to current ways of thinking, in order to unfold to a place of awareness and sensitivity. The goal is to recondition the mindset.