G.A.P. Academy

Want to dig deeper in the stages of culture awareness to become aware of how you might be enabling a culture gap without realizing it?

Why you want to work with us...

  • We help you become aware of explicit and implicit bias through data collection methodologies (qualitative & quantitative)

  • We help you collaborate on the development and design of cultural awareness training to fit your environment

  • We help you write/design/produce cultural intelligence documents, insights and perspectives

  • We help you identify new cultural awareness needs and relationship-building opportunities (within and beyond your work environment)

  • We help you build capacity around cultural awareness issues to provide regular opportunity for 'courageous conversations' about social justice issues

Here’s a sneak-peek into what we’ll cover in this training:

  1. Creating meaning from lived experiences

  2. Setting the stage for critical thinking

  3. Exploring mindsets and habits of thinking

  4. Examining, Reflecting and Connecting 

  5. And much, much MORE!

*Several training packages and options are available.