Dr. James-Etta Consulting, LLC

What we do

We help schools, districts & organizations examine explicit and implicit bias to go from being blissfully unaware about cultural differences to being sensitive, authentic and fully engage to support every student/parent and every client/consumer, regardless of background or circumstance.

This includes workshops, online courses, automated webinars, coaching, consulting, training, speaking, etc. 

Why you want to work with us...

-We help you build capacity around cultural awareness matters to provide regular. opportunity for 'courageous conversations' about social justice issues. 

-We specialize in qualitative data collection to gain insight from multiple perspectives. 

- We provide professional development and training around soft skills.


"James-Etta is a wonderful person to work with, a person of integrity. She is able to see the larger implications of material, see perspectives, and examine her own assumptions.” 

—  Campus Director, Ottawa University